Heavy vehicles for road transport

In this product area, axle, power train and engine parts are our main skills. For maximum producibility, we start supporting our customers already in the prototype phase. To us, it is essential to be involved in the early stages to develop parts the best way possible. The volumes for this segment are parts up to 300 000 pcs/year.

Balance arm

Steering knuckle


Flywheel housing

Timing gear plate


High degree of automation

The production at our facilities is highly automated. Modern robot-tended machines ensure that we stay at the cutting edge with respect to the newest technology. Our aim is for all our production lines to be fully automated, from incoming to outgoing pallets. The operator’s role is to make sure that the robot cell is working properly, rather than handling products.

For us it’s all about working long-term and making sure that we always offer the very latest in machine technology.

But it’s also about finding cost efficient solutions for each individual step in the process, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the customer, and providing transparent quotations. This approach enables us to honestly ensure that the cost reductions derived from automation will benefit our customers as well. The ultimate goal of our efforts is to always be improving, and to never loose the pace of investments in automation and, in turn, increased efficiency.

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Inducore manufactures metal products as a subcontractor for, among others, the automotive industry, in CNC controlled machines.

In the area of component manufacturing, Inducore´s operative units offer partial and total solutions for machining and sheet metal working. Operations include cutting, welding, systems assembly, contract manufacturing and logistics solutions.