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The world around us is changing faster and faster as the industry becomes more and more specialized and knowledge-based where we become more of a partner when our customers increasingly demands a functional solution rather than just a single product.

Value-adding acquisitions

We work systematically and long-term to identify attractive and well-managed companies that fit into our overall group structure. Our strategy is to grow both organically and through value-creating acquisitions that complement our business. Our acquisition strategy is to focus on technology-oriented companies with a turnover of between 50 – 300 million.
We prioritize acquisitions that operate in a clear market with products or services with a high technology content. We are primarily looking for acquisitions as a business operator in a market with recurring purchasing needs, your recurring purchasing needs and predictable income.

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Inducore manufactures metal products as a subcontractor for, among others, the automotive industry, in CNC controlled machines.

In the area of component manufacturing, Inducore´s operative units offer partial and total solutions for machining and sheet metal working. Operations include cutting, welding, systems assembly, contract manufacturing and logistics solutions.