Defence and security

The defence and security industry demand suppliers of world class and we are providing material for several different defence systems. Transparency in everything we do is one of the main keys to reach the correct KPI’s towards these demanding customers.

The volumes for this segment are from a single part up to 1 000 pcs/year.


Antenna part

Computer chassis

Electronic box


High quality products on time

Customer Excellence – always exceed the customers expectations. It is easy to say the words but much more difficult to actually live up to.

We know for a fact that we can do this. As one of few suppliers we are a preferred supplier towards the biggest defence company in Sweden – and we have also been given the privilege of the award “Supplier of the year” in 2018.

The defence and security industry is in the absolute frontier regarding technology and expects no less from their suppliers. Tolerances and requirements for proper documentation are of utmost importance but also high-quality products on time. A long and healthy relationship with our customers in this business area will bring us mutual benefits for a long time to come.

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Inducore manufactures metal products as a subcontractor for, among others, the automotive industry, in CNC controlled machines.

In the area of component manufacturing, Inducore´s operative units offer partial and total solutions for machining and sheet metal working. Operations include cutting, welding, systems assembly, contract manufacturing and logistics solutions.